About Our Team

hand picking up a penis gummy from a bowl

We are three women who worked together in the candy industry for years.  We share an appreciation of good food, fun design, creativity, and quality product. When life took us our separate ways, we missed collaborating. Our love of travel, food, and hustle brought us back together to create The Perfect Package. 

In the midst of bachelorette season we were searching for fun, tasteful and unexpected candy to bring to parties.  There wasn’t much out there that actually tasted good.  So we decided to create something we loved and would be happy to share.  Realistic, photo-ready, and delicious enough to bring home once the party is over, The Perfect Package is our answer to the question, “what’s the hole in the market that we want to fill?” 

We work with people we love, and who share our values; this includes each other, and the vendors we choose to do business with. We select partners we respect to be our manufacturers, importers, designers and printers.

Working together to create The Perfect Package has been fun and inspirational and we are excited to share it with you!  Turns out, The Perfect Package does exist.